Arhuaco Tribe

El Pueblito, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta






Delivering 40 school kits to the children of the El Pueblito school and conducting cultural exchange and gardening activities.


Jose Bolivar

 School Teacher


Coralie Lhermelin (Coco)
Tatiana Cotes (Tati)

Some cultural facts about the arhuacos

Mamo: Chief and spiritual guide

Bag: Depicting their traditions and  spirituality through their art

Poporo: Instrument that only the men use

“Pagamentos” (payments): Ritual to thank “Madre tierra”

Sierra: Lungs of the Earth

School and the daily life of children

The school has 48 children aged 8 to 15 for a single teacher. In total, there are 33 indigenous children and 15 children of farmers.

The children have to walk for more than an hour to get to school, including during the winter when they have to face heavy rains. Despite the fact that the school is very modest and does not have toilets or electricity, they are happy and enjoy their learning in this environment in the heart of the mountains and in the middle of nature, far from the city.

Jose Bolivar
School Teacher

"The value of education cannot be measured because it has no end, it is infinite.


The idea of making it and creating a multicultural and innovative society for the future is a beacon of hope for our children. I therefore thank all those who took the initiative to support my indigenous community Arhuaca de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Our culture needs space and respect to continue to exist!"

Current Goal

Provide 40 school kits to the children of the El Pueblito school by the end of October 2020!