Aprendiendo Juntos

Learning together. Promoting the development of education initiatives for indigenous children and their communities.

Our mission is to support indigenous children by strengthening their learning environment through cultural and knowledge exchanges. Children represent the future and we believe in building new opportunities together, while preserving their indigenous culture.

Amazonas Tikunas - FUNDACIÓN INÁY - Carl


means "to grow" in Arhuaco

What we do:

Build Relationships

Volunteers and tribe leaders meet and build a long-term relationship based on trust, dialogue, and learning from one another.

Discuss Needs

We discuss the community's long and short-term needs, particularly for children's education and cultural preservation

Raise Funds

Volunteers raise awareness and collect donations for each community and work with them to ensure smooth delivery and execution/use.

Learn and Grow

We continue to work together to grow the relationship and awareness around each community as their needs evolve.

Who we are:

Coralie, Marine, and Margot met in business school where they became friends and worked together on various projects. 5 years later and thousands of kilometers apart, they decided to come together for a cause that fills their hearts: the education of children.

More than ever in these difficult times, they wanted to give life to their common goal of supporting others. Coralie traveled for four months in Colombia in 2019 and had the opportunity to meet various indigenous communities. She fell in love with their humble way of seeing the world and their love for nature. The three friends had found their mission and "Ináy" was born.


The non-profit is growing rapidly with people coming together in France, Colombia, and the world.

Coralie "Coco"

Medellín, Colombia

Marine "Mimi"

Los Angeles, USA

Margot "Momo"

Paris, France

Nicolas "Nico"

Medellín, Colombia

Tatiana "Tati"

Medellín, Colombia

Ferney "Fercho"

Medellín, Colombia